Hi there! I'm a 18-year-old, dutch Web development student with an admiration for modern design. The synthesis of code and design is my best way of expressing my own art. Contemporary interactive technology develops at exponential speed, I believe that one of the most current and future objectives of technology is amongst other things creating a completely new, virtual experience for people, the user experience.

As a child, I could spend hours drawing everything what was stuck in my head. In a later age I started to realise that there are different ways of expressing yourself to others. This is why I decided to start mediadesign on the Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam. During the first year, I learned a lot about my way of making products out of varied concepts, coming with new concepts, and gained a lot of interest in the front-end and back-end of websites. That is what made me choose interactive mediadesign as specification for my second year. As the second year passed and learned more about scripting, the more I enjoyed doing it and the more I wanted to learn about it. As a "third year" and "intern" now, my process of concepting and creating products has improved which makes me even more motivated and open for new challenges! This is just the beginning!

Freelance work and
coding work during
my job/internship.



Work I make for fun
and own skills enrichment,
most of these are made
during the night!



Illustrations, 3D render, videos, fotography.